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About Us

Our company specializes in natural

cultivation and extractions. From seed to

harvest pesticides are never used, and our

extractions are solventless. 

Making the CBD Oil

It all starts with quality seeds, we grow

the plants in fields and greenhouses caring

for them individually. We don't use

pesticides. Instead we use our natural

peppermint oil, ladybugs take care of

the rest. We hand harvest the flower where it enters first drying, and then curing. The crop is then run through a screw press, heat and pressure are the only components in making the CBD Oil. Since we utilize the whole plant by pressing it, rather than soaking it in chemicals- we are able to harvest all the potential benefits the plant may have to offer. 

Making the Peppermint Oil

Our peppermint oil comes from a local family

farm who has been growing and distilling since

1963. Similar to SHA, they have a very high

quality standard and have very particular

processes. The oil is 100% pure, no additives or

fillers. The plant material is placed in a boiler with

water where steam goes through a one way

chamber. The steam goes through a condenser

where it then liquifies and pure oil drips into a

collection reservoir. Not only does this yield high

quality oil, it's solventless and natural. 

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